Northwestern Nevada and Eastern Sierra Nevada Amateur Radio Nets.

Download the Community One Sheet which includes the List of Nets and Group meetings in the area. 

If your group would like to request usage of our system for a regular net and or one-time event please fill out the following system usage request form and return it to the email address on the form.

Repeater Nets

Time/Day Name Frequency VoIP/DMR Talk Group Net Manager
Mon - Fri @ 12pm SNARS Noon Net SNARS Linked System   Wes Vick, KG7QXE
Sunday @ 6pm Red Cross Net
& Disaster Nets
147.300 + 1230 IRLP: 9257  
Monday @ 9:15pm  E. California & NW Nevada ERC Net SNARS Linked System   Ray Maxwell, W7TAP
Tuesday @ 8:00pm Nevada DMR Net SNARS DMR System SNARS (RenoTahoe) Talk group Tony Marcin, W7XM
Wednesday @ 7pm Nevada State
Skywarn NET
147.300 + 123.0
441.650 + 123.0
IRLP: 9258  
Wednesday @ 8pm Norther Nevada
Preppers Net
SNARS Linked System   Ken Juenke, K7KBJ
Thursday @ 7pm Nevada State
147.300 + 123.0
441.650 + 123.0
IRLP: 9258
or Echolink NV-GATE
Thursday @ 7:30pm Northwest Nevada District
SNARS Linked System   Bob Miller, WA6MTY
Doug Abramson, KA7FOO
Friday @ 10am Hospital Net SNARS Linked System   Arlan Robinson, KA7ZAU
Friday @ 5pm Open Forum Net 147.300 + 123.0 IRLP: 9668


Amateur Radio Bulletins/News

Time/Day Name Frequency VoIP Net Manager
Sunday @ 11am Amateur Radio Newsline 147.300    
Monday @ 8pm Amateur Radio Newsline 147.300