System Fusion - Reno / Lake Tahoe / Carson City




SNARS 31328 on DMR is now accessible via Wires-X Room 85705 in Digital Mode Only. Any Wires-X node may connect to the room.

System Fusion Repeater

System Fusion Repeaters provide for digital access/use of the C4FM Protocol on Yaesu radios (FT-70D, FT3DR, FT5DR, FTM-100, FTM-200, FTM-300, FTM-400 and FT-991). Presently the system is linked with the SNARS DMR Talk Group 31328 on DG-ID 28. 

Fusion Repeaters

  City Site Frequency Offset Network Equipment
  Reno/Sparks/Carson City/Dayton Ophir Peak 146.610 - 600KHz Link to BrandMeister via IMRS DR-2X
   Linked    Not Linked    Down    Unknown


The following DG-IDs are established on all Fusion Systems maintained by SNARS
DG-ID Talk Group Timers Notes
00 Local None Local Traffic Use.
28 SNARS 3 Mins Linked to SNARS DMR Talkgroup 31328


When a user keys up on the DG-ID the system will keep the Channel Active on the DG-ID for the time shown above (presently 3 mins). If there is no local traffic, then the system will go back to its default setting of DG-ID 00.

Note: Even though the system will default to DG-ID 00, this will still pass any audio from DG-ID 28 if it becomes active. Only if you key up and active DG-ID 00 will it hold off all other traffic if wanting to use it for local chat. 


1 Beep = Linked
2 Beeps = Link Just Dropped/Disconnected
3 Beeps = Remote Site is Busy.

Coverage Map