DMR Project - Virginia Peak

Project Overview

Our latest DMR Project involves providing a repeater to the Spanish Springs / Fernley areas. This area is shadowed from the Peavine and Davidson for HT and general mobile coverage. The plan is to put a high level DMR Repeater on Virginia Peak which will provide the needed coverage for HT and Mobile use.


Project Items:

  • DMR Repeater: Motorola XPR8400 or SLR5700
  • Antenna: DB408
  • Duplexers: Telewave UHF
  • Coax: Hardline


Support for the Project

We are looking for members to help support this project by providing a donation towards this project. You can donate by clicking the donate button or sending it to us via our PO BOX. We welcome all contributions in making this happen. The DMR Project has been funded generously from members and we thank you!


Thank You From the Following Supporters

  • Pat Sheehan, W7DED - $100.00
  • Dan Baker, KM6CQ - $101.00
  • Al Cohan, KI6JXB - $100.00
  • Robert Dickerson, W7VD - $101.01
  • Bill Fultz, W7FEI - $100.00
  • Paul Belton - W7VY - XPR8400 Repeater

General Coverage Area at proposed site.

Will provide General HT and Mobile Coverage for the Spanish Springs / Fernley / 1-80 Area. It would also provide coverage to a portion of route 95, Yerington, Nixon, Fallon areas. .