Boy Scout Camporall

Join us at Fort Churchill State Park in conjunction with the Nevada QSO Party!

Fort Churchill Event:
October 12th

8:30 am - Setup
9 am - 5 pm - On the Air with Scouts for Nevada QSO Party
5 pm - 5:30 pm - Teardown

Scout Camp @ Fort Churchill State Park
Latitude: 39*17'01" N
Longitude: 119*13'53" W

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Map & Location Info

Boy Scout Camporall with Nevada QSO Party

On Saturday, October 12, at the Boy Scouts Nevada Area Council’s Regional Fall Camporall & Rendezvous – West, we are looking to have a Ham Radio station for scouts to visit and engage in radio communications both phone and code. Saturday is the main day of activities and is taking place at the same time as the Nevada QSO. This would be a great opportunity for hams to engage with many youths in the field.

  • We will have a pavilion for the operators, please bring potable water and lunch.
  • We are looking for a few hams willing to provide operators for field day like portable for this event.
  • We will have one each HF, VHF Analog, UHF DMR stations
  • The state park has a small $5 per car entrance free

For more information please contact Barry K6ST for this fun event /p>

Learn more about the upcoming Nevada QSO Party at: