Elmer New Hams

I'm new. What Now? New Ham Orientation

How do I select my first radio?
What kind of antenna should I get?
How do I setup my VHF/UHF rig on the repeaters?
How do I work world wide communications on HF?
What do I say when I push the microphone button?
What kind of fun stuff can I do with my new license?

Come and find out answers to these questions and more, plus make your first on-air contact with help from experienced hams: June 24, 2023 at Washoe Lake State Park, Field Day! Noon to about 4:00 p.m.Bring your radio (if you have one), bring your appetite, bring your enthusiasm, bring your family. Lunch is noonish (free of charge). Please register at snars.org/activities/field-day.

Field Day 2023 @
Washoe Lake State Park
June 24, 2023
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