7th Area QSO Party - May 1st 2021


The 7QP is an amateur radio QSO party, held annually on the first Saturday in May. That's May 1 this year. The stations of the US 7th call area (Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming) become "the pursued", and the rest of the US, Canada and the world tries to work as many of us here in the 7th call area, on as many bands/modes as possible, over an 18-hour period commencing at 6:00am PDT (1300 UTC).  80 or 40 are the best in the early morning and night while 20 and 15 will get the most contacts during the day—if 10 opens, consider that a bonus!


Operate from home, mobile, or dust off the Field Day gear and get on the air from a rare county or a county line where you can operate from two or more counties at once and get extra points!  There are 54 multi county locations in Nevada not counting the stateline locations with the other 7th area states. Please plan on making a few or a whole bunch of contacts, just be sure to mark May 1 on your calendar!


If you are looking to work the world from a very wanted county, plan an expedition to Humboldt, Lander, Elko, Eureka, Humboldt, and White Pine counties. Most of the rest of the other counties will have one or 2 hams signed up but always could use some more.  There are 3 ways to make contacts, SSB contacts count 1 point, CW count 2 points and Digital (PSK31 and RTTY) count 4 points.  This shows a real need for CW and Digital operators in all counties who want to make the big points!!!


If you plan to participate, even for a little while, please do two things. First, you can see the activity on the Planned Operations tab on the 7QP page.  Then, send your projected operation location(s) to 7qpops@codxc.org  with a cc to nvjims@gmail.com  giving them information on modes and if you will be a mobile (rover) station. That way we can track the counties that will be covered and we can try to find someone to go out to the counties that are not. Even if the county is covered, digital and CW operators are encouraged to also go out there... Second, email them a copy of your log when you are finished. Either Cabrillo (preferred) or a plain text format will work. Your log helps them score the contest and automatically enters you – no summary sheet required for Cabrillo or email entries. See their webpage for more information on uploading your log. Make sure your email address is in the Cabrillo header.


The exchange is easy... Just give a ‘59’ signal report and if you are operating in the 7 call zone, your county code. For Washoe, it is NVWAS, for Storey, it is NVSTO... On SSB, please give that exchange phonetically, it really helps the operator on the other end.  If you are outside of the 7 call zone, you give a ‘59’signal report and your 2 digit state abbreviation. There are special rules for county line stations, and you may get a report from one of the eastern states that are also having a QSO party. See the complete rules on their website at http://ws7n.net/7qp/new/Page.asp?Content=start for more information and a full list of county abbreviations.


This is a fun contest and those of us in the 7th call zone are the wanted “rare DX”and will make lots of contacts if you get on the air and participate! For more information, contact Jim Shepherd, W6US at nvjims@gmail.com