Meeting Safety

Stay safe SNARS, and leave any contagions away!!!

After what happened at the last SNARS monthly meeting on Saturday, February 4, 2023 we need to pay more attention to both ourselves AND others around us! There have been 6 reports from people that attended the meeting testing positive for Covid. That is 18% of the total at the meeting.


We don't and won't know just how/who brought it to the meeting, but it arrived there anyway! So, let's all pay more attention to how we are feeling before we head out.

Stay Safe… let's not spread something around to others again!!!

Stay Safe SNARS protocol:
Leave any contagions away
  1. Feeling ANYTHING out of the ordinary? A tickle in the throat, stomach not quite right, or anything else? It does not have to be Covid related, there are colds, flu etc. out there
  2. Then PLEASE, do not come to any in-person meeting
Stay Safe SNARS