Board of Directors and Officers


The board of directors are elected to 2 year staggard terms. Elections are held each December. The board of directors is the governing body of the organization.


Name Call Position Elected Term
John Byerly N7ROJ Director 2022 2023 - 2024
Jim Shepherd W6US Director 2021 2022 - 2023
Doug Edmondo W7DBE Director 2022 2022 - 2023
Brian Verhalen KJ6EAC Director 2022 2023 - 2024
Barry Bettman K6ST Director 2021 2022 - 2023
Krystal Nelson AJ6GC Director 2022 2023 - 2024
Anthony Marcin W7XM Director  2021 2022 - 2023


Officers are appointed each December/January during the organizational meeting of the board of directors. The President is elected amongst the board of directors. The remaining positions are appointed by the president. The Treasurer, Secretary and Vice-President must be appointed amongnst the members of the board. All other officer positions are created and appointed by the President.

Name Call Position Term
Barry Bettman K6ST President 2023
Brian Verhalen KJ6EAC Vice-President 2023
Anthony Marcin W7XM Secretary/Resident Agent 2023
Doug Edmondo W7DBE Treasurer 2023


Committee Name Call Position
Newsletter Howie Holden WB2AWQ Editor
Technical Team John Byerly N7ROJ Chair
Trustee Peter DeBay KE7VSR Trustee
Education Team Tony Marcin W7XM Chair
Reno Ham Swap Vacant   Chair
Field Day Vacant             Co-Chair
Website Erik Andreasen K6CZH Webmaster
Public Information Officer Gregory Krantz NT7Q PIO
Noon Net Wes Vick KG7QXE Manager
Control Operators Pat Sheehan W7DED Manager
Membership Coordinator Kim Farnham KG7TMA Coordinator
History Archivist Jon Fox KF7KTC Chair
NVQSO Party Coordinator Jim Shepherd W6US Coordinator