Board of Directors

Under Section 5 of the Articles of Incorporation the board of directors shall have of seven (7) directors. Per Article VI of the bylaws the board of directors are elected annually by the members of the corporation to serve a staggered two year term, 3 positions even years, 4 positions odd years. The Chairperson shall be elected from amongst the seven Board of Directors by the Board and the Chairperson shall appoint the other Officers from the Board. If a vacancy occurs, a special election shall be held at the next regular meeting or special meeting and which time the vacancy is filled by a majority vote of the members present and fulfilled the remainder of the position term.


Michael S Katz, N7MSK President Elected - 2014 **
Donald A Seibert, N2MOO Vice-President Elected - 2014 **
Robert A Dunbar, NB6C Secretary Elected - 2014 **
Anthony C Marcin II, N7ACM Treasurer Elected - 2014 **
Scott H Brink, KC7STV Director Elected - 2014
Michael David Miles (Dave), KF7EGU Director Elected - 2014
James F Shepherd (Jim), W6US Director Elected - 2014


*special election to fill a vacant position

** Two year term starting with the first four highest voted in the 2013 election. The remaining directors will run in 2014 to start the two year term.