The Sierra Nevada Amateur Radio Society was incorporated as a cooperative, non-profit, Nevada corporation on April 16, 1968, for the purpose of fostering the educational and scientific needs of Western Nevada's radio amateur community. In meeting that goal, SNARS maintains an active affiliation with the American Radio Relay League (ARRL), the national association for Amateur Radio, and with the ARRL Nevada Section. 

We are dedicated to Promotion, Education and the Advancement of the Amateur Radio Service. 


Here are a few of the reasons why you should become a member:

Activities and Events

From the most basic to the most advanced, you will find a niche in the club. Our members socialize and volunteer at public service events, technical sessions, dinners, and parties.

SNARS Members participate in regularly scheduled nets for different interest groups, including the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES®), the National Traffic System (NTS) and other formal traffic nets, the weekly 2-meter Upper-Sideband SKYWARN™ net, and various "ragchew" nets.

A list of upcoming events may be found on the Events page.


SNARS maintains an extensive network of voice and digital repeaters. More information can be found on our Repeaters page.

Monthly Meetings

The general-membership breakfast meeting is held on the first Saturday of each month. If you would like to join us for the breakfast meeting, please contact one our members on our repeater system.

As a member, you are also invited to attend the monthly Board of Directors meetings.

Monthly Newsletter

As a benefit of your membership, SNARS publishes a monthly newsletter, the Cracklin' Static, that provides local club news and other information useful to radio amateurs.

The current and back issues of the Cracklin' Static, can be found here.

Training and Licensing

SNARS conducts several training classes and workshops throughout the year. Meeting in various locations in the area, you will be provided training and information required for initial licensing as well as upgrading your license. FCC exams are held several times a year.

Go here to practice for that upgrade!