NV150 Special Event Station and the Sending of the Constitution via Morse Code

Join us in Carson City or via the radio waves for the NV150 Special Event Station on November 1, 2014. We will be operating on 40, 20 and 15 meters from 8am to 4pm. We will also have on display telegraph keys and information on how Nevada's constitution was sent using morse code. Click here to visit the official NV150 Special Event Station website!



CW Class

SNARS is excited to announce a brand new class. The CW class will provide those wishing to learn CW/Morse Code the opportunity to learn in a class room setting. The 6 week course will begin Oct 1, 2014 and will be held at the Washoe County Emergency Operations Center at 5:30. Click here for more information and to register online. 

Fall Reno Ham Swap

The Annual Fall Reno Ham Swap will be held September 27, 2014 at the Tamarack Junction Casino parking lot in Reno, Nevada. Bring your items to sell and swap! Only $10.00 per spot to sell your gear. Proceeds will go towards the Sierra Nevada Amateur Radio Repeater and Events Funds.  

Visit Reno Ham Swap Wesite for Information.

Fall Ham Radio Class

The Fall Ham Radio Classes will begin Oct 1, 2014 for those looking to earn their amateur radio license. The Technician License Class will be held Wednesday nights from 6pm to 9pm for seven weeks with the seventh night providing the FCC examination to class participants.

For more information or to register online go to http://snars.org/classes.


Yaesu DR-1 Repeater On the Air!

We have been given an opportunity by Yaesu to test out their brand new DR-1 C4FM/FM Digital Repeater! The repeater is on the 444.825 + 123.0 located on Mt Davidson in the south end of Reno. The system will accept both analog and digital communications. Currently there are only two radios Yaesu manufactures that has the new C4FM Digital mode, the FT1DR HT and FTM-400DR Mobile Radio. But you dont need a digital radio to use the repeater. A big thank you goes out to Yaesu for allow us to be one of the first to test their new digital repeater along with Tom Taormina K5RC for putting in a good word to Yeasu for SNARS to test new system. 

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